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Reverend Holly Skinner

I am a non-denominational officiant, which means I am not affiliated with any particular religion or belief.  This gives me the flexibility to perform a variety of different ceremonies regardless of whether or not you are spiritual or religious.  I perform unique, custom ceremonies for couples from coast to coast, and I specialize in the San Diego County and Southern California areas.

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Additional Services

As a Full Service Non-Denominational Officiant, I serve the families' interests.  I support the two of you, to continually have good in your lives.  In this Light, I present additional services (below):

Nondenominational wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows

Renewal of Vows

Every so often after you are married, you could have a Renewal of Vows or Reaffirmation Ceremony. This may be done with your officiant if you would like. One couple wrote: "There is something profoundly meaningful about turning to the person with whom you have shared so many experiences and re-affirming the love and gratitude."  Another wrote: "No gift could have been worth more to us than taking the time to rededicate our commitment and love."  The value and practical effect of renewing your vows cannot be overstated.

Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing

This service is simply delightful and wonderful.  I will meet with the parent or parents for the preparation of the baby blessing ceremony.  I will present many options and creative ideas for your baby's blessing. This service can be done privately or with immediate family and friends.  Godparents can be chosen and included.  Siblings can be involved and readings can be read.


House BlessingHouse Blessing

A House Blessing is a wonderful way to begin in a new home or to begin anew in an existing home.  It is done with the officiant and those who will be living in the house. Friends and family may also be invited.  Refreshments or a meal can be served afterwards as part of the occasion.  The House Blessing focuses on and attracts the qualities you want in your home environment (e.g., loving, abundance, prosperity, health, balance, healing, laughter, etc.).  A House Blessing results in the house being prepared and blessed for your dear loved ones, your family.

Reverend Holly Skinner - Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony OfficiantPre & Post Wedding Counseling

Marriage is perhaps the most complex of human relationships. The Life Innovations Prepare and Enrich program was developed to help counselors and clergy work more effectively with premarital and married couples. It is designed to focus objectively on critical relationship issues and help increase each partners awareness of both strength and potential growth
areas. Which in turn stimulates discussion concerning issues vital to the relationship while teaching valuable communication and conflict resolution skills.  See their website for more info.

Nothing about my approach to marriage education is ever about 'right or wrong'.  I present simple tools that can be learned and used as needed (communication and conflict resolution tools from the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, NIRE).  I recognize, that these days, to do nothing and expect something from your marriage is quite unlikely.  It won't grow without quality participation (unless you are in the 1% group of couples that expect to leave (or left) the altar as completely finished works of marriage art).  With a quality counselor, your participation will result in a quantum leap for you both in how you deal with your issues and live your life happily.


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Holly Skinner was awarded the "Best Wedding Officiant in San Diego" in 2004

Reverend Holly Skinner in San Diego California is a non-denominational wedding ceremony officiant.
She creates unique wedding vows for your wedding ceremony.
Let Rev Holly Skinner create memorable and romantic ceremony vows for you and your significant other.
Holly Skinner also specializes in pre-marital counseling as well as couples counseling & marriage counseling.

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