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Meaningful, Personal, Unique...
Holly Skinner officiating a ceremony

I perform non-denominational weddings at the location of your choice and together we can write specialized vows that reflect your love and life together. Be assured that your wedding day is of the utmost importance to me and I look forward to helping you create the most meaningful, personal, and unique ceremony possible.

Consultation Details...

During a consultation, I learn how you built your relationship and what type of ceremony you would like.  I then write a rough draft of the ceremony and send it to you.  Then you can add to, delete or change anything you desire.  You are in control of the content, style and message of your ceremony.  If you would like it to be lighthearted, dramatic, simple, ornate, religious or non religious, it is all up to you.  It is quite fun and it will be an incredible memory in your life together. The involvement that you get from me, is the criteria that I base my fee on. 

Information on What My Wedding Ceremonies Include

For the complimentary consultation with you and your fiancé, I usually like to get together at my home if possible.

Here are just a few of the questions I ask my couples when we have a consultation:

  1. What is your style preference? (elegant, simple, religious, non-religious, spiritual, upbeat celebration etc.)
  2. How would you like you and your guests to feel during your ceremony?"
  3. How did you meet and fall in love?  How did he/she propose?
  4. What qualities do you value in each other?
  5. What type of things do you enjoy doing or sharing together?
  6. Would you like to write your own vows or would you like me to write vows for you that fit your personalities together?
  7. Does your ceremony site hold significance?
  8. What is your relationship about? (trust, best friends, personal growth, passion, soul-mate etc.)
  9. Do you have any ideas or concerns about your wedding?

Holly Skinner officiating a wedding ceremony

And finally, most officiants would rather have you save your money for your honeymoon than invite them to the reception.  If you really would like them to attend, then ask but only if that is what you both want.  Remember, it is your wedding!

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Reverend Holly Skinner performing a wedding ceremony in front of the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California

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Holly Skinner was awarded the "Best Wedding Officiant in San Diego" in 2004

Reverend Holly Skinner in San Diego California is a non-denominational wedding ceremony officiant.
She creates unique wedding vows for your wedding ceremony.
Let Rev Holly Skinner create memorable and romantic ceremony vows for you and your significant other.
Holly Skinner also specializes in pre-marital counseling as well as couples counseling & marriage counseling.

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